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Starting Thursday - May 30th at 6PM

Class size is limited so call soon to hold your spot! 

This class is designed to help you get off on the right foot and establish a positive relationship with your puppy.  There is a huge focus on learning dog behavior and play styles during play time. This is where your dog learns how to make friends!   In addition to learning social skills, puppies and owners learn all about housebreaking, name recognition, and proper crate training.  We will introduce obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and loose leash walking.  We also touch on how to prevent or address many problem behaviors.  Your dog’s brain is still very pliable at this age, and they are learning all the time!  Help them learn with a structured puppy kindergarten class!  Space is limited to allow for individualized attention as needed. This is the most important class you can take with your dog- EVER!!!  These are the months where your puppy forms opinions about the world.  Most animal behaviorists and trainers agree the “socializing window” starts to close between 4 and 6 months of age. Your dog may never be comfortable in the presence of other dogs, people, new objects and new places if not properly exposed by 8 months of age. Now is the time to lay a solid foundation!



Thursday - June 6th at 715pm

Class size is limited so call soon to hold your spot! 

This class is continued training for PK I students. Play and socialization time is allowed as appropriate. This class is geared towards taking our obedience skills to the next level- new environments with new distractions. This class focuses more on leash walking, calming your dog in the presence of distractions, down/stay, place, and also introduces agility equipment as a confidence builder.

Prerequisite - Previous training class or private training session with Paw Planet


Starting soon

The training lessons taught are intended to help you and your dog learn basic obedience commands. Obedience lessons will include sit, down, stay, ok, come when called, go lie down, drop it, and an informal heel. Class will have an emphasis on obtaining and keeping your dog focused on you. Play time will not be allowed in this class. All exercises will be performed on leash.  Class size is limited to allow individualized attention as needed. 


K9 Nose Works ®  -  ALL AGES WELCOME

A 6 week long course is designed to develop a dog's natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and their love of toys, food, and exercise. It's a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.


This class is intended to build upon the skills learned in Basic I or PK2. The class aims to improve your dog’s ability to focus by teaching the dog to turn to the owner in the presence of stressors. Play time will not be allowed in this class. All exercises will be performed on leash.  We will introduce fun learning games in the form of agility equipment or Scent Games to help build confidence, keeping sessions fun and educational for you and your dog.


Teach your dog to do some incredible tricks.  This class is designed to be fun and exciting while challenging your dog mentally and physically.   Dogs will learn simple tricks like crawl and rollover and more complex tricks like jumping over your arms, weaving through your legs and say your prayers.  Each weekly class covers 2-3 individual tricks with corresponding handouts covering the tricks.   This class improves your ability to communicate with your dog, strengthens your dogs’ desire to learn and work with you and is great for building confidence in nervous dogs.

Private Training Sessions
Private training sessions available by appointment. Please call (508) 234-8900 to book a training session or email to inquire.

 Now booking FREE , private pre-puppy sessions! Sessions are booked by appointment only - call (508) 234-8900.  If you are planning to get a puppy , schedule your complimentary new puppy orientation at Paw Planet.  Obtain comprehensive information on what you will need to bring your new puppy home and strategies to get started on housebreaking your puppy.                                   

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